Who are Your Favorite Fictional Fathers/Grandfathers?

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Who are Your Favorite Fictional Fathers/Grandfathers? Empty Who are Your Favorite Fictional Fathers/Grandfathers?

Post by Bryan Dacote on Sun Jun 21, 2015 8:18 pm

Since its father's day, I'm watching the DBZ special Bardock the Father of Goku.
So I'm thinking; who is your favorite fictional fathers or grandfathers?
They can be from anime, games, movies, whatever provided they are fictional.

Should go without saying Bardock is on this list.
Who are Your Favorite Fictional Fathers/Grandfathers? Bardock
He's not winning any "Father of the Year" awards (just like his son Goku) but I always liked his character. I do feel that (at least how he was portrayed in the dub) deep down he did care for his sons; Raditz and Kakarot (Goku)
In Dragon Ball Minus he clearly does love his wife Gine and his sons. Making sure that Raditz was with someone who was off planet and secretly sending Kakarot away so he would survive. Just to still go and futility fight Freeza in order to protect not just his family but his people (going off what we know of his Manga adaption)

Kratos Aurion
Who are Your Favorite Fictional Fathers/Grandfathers? Latest?cb=20090315203838

He is the father to Tales of Symphonia's main character; Lloyd Irving. Kratos doesn't win any awards either since like Darth Vader; he didn't know his son lived for about 17 years and only to fight him to the death later on. But Kratos as soon as heard Lloyd say his name; he knew he found his long lost son. And even though he couldn't tell Lloyd that he was his father since he was trying to protect him he still tried (if however with difficulty since Lloyd shares his father's stubborness) to take his son under his wing and teach him what he could. Just sucks that Kratos ended up leaving in the end of the game.

Daniel Piece
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Benjamen Franklin "Hawkeye" Piece's father from MASH. We don't know much on him since he was never shown only talked about but for someone who we never see or meet I always felt his character was just as of an impact as his son Hawkeye's.
Hawkeye has a lot of love for his father as well as respect since Hawkeye followed in his father's footsteps and became a Doctor as well. Hawkeye also frequently contacts his father either by letter or phone in the series. I always felt there was a big father-son bond between them and I loved it. Its one of my favorite parts of this old TV classic. It often reminds me of my connection with my own late father.

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