Record Store Day 2015

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Record Store Day 2015

Post by ducky on Sat Apr 18, 2015 10:13 pm

Anyone go to record store day? I know you all probably love the asian music more than other stuff, but it's getting pretty big.

Myself and a couple friends left this morning at 5:15 am to arrive at the first record store, Spoonful Records in Columbus, Ohio, at 5:50 am. Specific, I know. We were about 50 people back in line... So lame. I could only find a few things at our first stop, which opened at 8 am, by the way.

Second stop was Magnolia Thunderpussy, which opened at 10 am. Another 45 minute wait to get in there, and they had NOTHING I wanted...

Third stop was Used Kids Records, where I scored with Turntable Baseball, the mystery side-by-side, Grouplove - Under the Covers, the Elvis first recorded songs, and something else that I can't remember.

Last stop was at Lost Weekend Records, where I was able to get one of the 45's I was after the most, which was Big Data - Dangerous... plus a remix of the same thing.

About a 120 dollar day, which is down from the normal 250-ish of the previous 2 years. I was stupid and forgot to pick up the poster I really wanted (which was FREE) and so, had to spend 20 bucks buying it online, since none of the stores had any left. Laaaaammmme.

Anyways, just finished digitizing the Big Data 7", and listening to the rest of my stuff. I'll post a couple pictures if anyone is interested. Otherwise, this is just me talking about my Saturday!

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