Live Action Movies and Dramas M-R

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Live Action Movies and Dramas M-R

Post by MonjaElisa on Tue Apr 14, 2015 10:04 pm

This is an updateable thread that will be ever changing as new live action movies and dramas are announced... this thread will cover the M-R in Live action movies and dramas based on Animes, Games and Mangas existing out there... I will update with a Link to the page if the adaption has a made forum thread, type, trailer and ofcourse name... to save space in the thread each category (letter) will be hidden in spoilertags... view for names and info of each separate letter... ty <3

DR: Drama adaption      MO; Movie adaption
JP: Japanese//  TW: Taiwanese//  KR: Korean//  CH: Chinese

MO, JP: Paradise Kiss  ||  ||
MO, JP: Parasyte  ||  ||
MO, JP: Rurouni Kenshin  ||  ||
MO, JP: RANMA 1\2  ||  ||
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