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Okay, so here goes the novel I had promised to translate last month.
In the off chance that somebody wants to read ahead, I have the Spanish version on my website, so just ask me.
I really hope you enjoy, because SHIELD is the culmination of many years of thinking finally put together Razz
Feedback appreciated too.

PROLOGUE - Mission

Akin was doing pushups, like always. It was the only thing he did. It allowed him to think. The truth was that Akin's life so far had only consisted of endless training sessions. After all, as far as he could remember, he had always been here, training, in the Black Rose's North HQ.

Akin didn't know much about the Rose, only that it was a powerful syndicate that earned it's money with those shady deals that are supposedly common place nowadays: drugs, contraband, but most of all, assassinations. The Rose was quite notorious for being the best in the country when it came to killings. Politics, celebrities or even the guy selling at that one corner shop... all it took was a lot of money, connections, and you were able to sign anyone's death sentence. Despite that, the police had yet to actually catch any member of the organisation. The situation was such, that the name 'Black Rose' actually sounded more like some ladies' afternoon gossip than anything else.

Another thing that Akin knew for a fact, was that the Rose wasn't like any other mafia he'd heard of. Why? Because of it's members. Only the 'Superiors' were actually adults, the rest was formed solely by minors. Some teenagers, others mere children still. Having them commit such atrocities as murders could seem like a horrible thing to do in the eyes of society... but for them, it wasn't. In fact, all those 'child soldiers' respected, revered, adored and held the Black Rose as their savior. They were saved from the same society that they were now taking revenge on. Revenge for raping them. Revenge for letting them starve. Revenge for making them participate in wars they'd never asked for...

The Rose took advantage of all that rage and hate, and moulded it into something useful, assassins, trained to kill or steal since a very young age. And they were quite good at it, some of them even exceeding the capabilities of what regular human beings are able to achieve... All and all, it was a win-win situation, and both parties were quite satisfied with it.

Akin was one of those 'assassins'. Except, unlike the others, he didn't adore the Rose. Far from it in fact. He despised it. It had all happened when he was still quite young, so he couldn't remember every detail, but he was sure of was thing: the Rose had killed every member of his family. That enough would be motif to hate, but Akin saw it differently. Since he'd never actually known his family, he couldn't have 'loved' them. He didn't long for them either. In fact, he was perfectly fine being alone. The one reason why he hated the Rose so much, is that they had robbed him of his freedom. They had robbed him of his life. And that, to him, was way more important that any family he couldn't even bring himself to care for at this point.

And yet, after all these years, he hadn't gain the opportunity to do much apart from training himself. He had a plan, cert; but until he was allowed to leave this 'prison' of his, it would never come to fruition.
He was ready. Ready for the day when his superior, Ahoy, would come through those doors behind him, and pronounce the words:

- Mr. Saito wants to see you, brat.

Akin stopped his motion right in the middle of repetition number x. Had he heard right? He took a moment to compose himself and glanced towards the double door. There, he could see a tall woman, quite beautiful, with a long black hair, green eyes reminiscent of an eagle and a black spot right below her left eye, which gave her the airs of some kind of an explosive femme fatale. That woman was Ahoy, Akin's superior and the right hand of Christopher Saito, the Rose's "godfather".

- Come on, hurry up. - she said with disdain.

Akin hurriedly stood up, grabbed a nearby towel in order to dry the sweat on his face and followed her outside the room to the dark corridor of the HQ. Since he had never gone outside of it, he didn't really know what the building really looked like, but from inside, it looked like some kind of abandoned medieval castle, only illuminated by rare instances of lamps here and there.

- Hey brat! - she started.
- …
- I know how much you've waited for this day, but you should really hurry up and come back to us.
- …
- I mean, who knows what might happen to your little sidekick while you're gone...
- *sigh* Suho knows how to defend herself.
Ahoy left out her trademark snide giggle.
- Touch one of her hairs, I will come back, and kill you.
- My! I, am, teriffieeed!

Ahoy patted the boy's head as if to annoy him, but Akin was way too used to her behavior to pay it any mind. Or perhaps more exactly, he didn't care much about anything.
They promptly reached their destination. Ahoy knocked three times on the door before stepping away from it. The door almost instantly opened, giving way to a particularly luxurious room, the kind of Akin had never seen before.
They both entered the room, but Ahoy quickly left after bowing down to the man sited at the desk in the middle of it.

- Come closer– said the godfather in a voice lighter than Akin had expected from him.

He approached the man behind the oak desk. It wasn't the first time Akin had the opportunity to see him, but never before had he been allowed that close to him. A single jump, he thought. That was the only thing separating him from his revenge. But he wasn't foolish. He knew full well that he'd never make it out alive. He might care for very little, but his life was one thing he wasn't ready to part from so easily. He'd have to pocket his feelings and go with the flow for now...

Christopher Saito was all but you're typical "bad guy". He was very tall, blond, brown eyes, quite handsome and an almost fatherly look to him. At first glance, one would never think of him as the dangerous man that he actually was. With his arms crossed, he waited for Akin to reach the front of his desk before showing him the items placed on the table. The were quite a few, but Akin focused on the few that seemed to matter most. An army knife, a pistol, a silencer, a couple of keys, some cash, two photos and ID that seemed to have his name and face on it, Akin Haskahi.

- I'm about to give you your first assignment - said the man in his light voice - You will kill this girl, Ayumi Mitsuhara.
He pointed at one of the first picture.

- You may choose the place, time and method. But you mustn't leave tracks, and the death must be made to look it was intentional.
- ...Why?
- Her father (pointing at the second picture) was doing some "business" with us, put he pulled back and is now threatening to denounce us. I very well doubt he'd ever have enough proof to make a case, but the death of his daughter should prove quite sufficient as form of warning.

Once he was done talking, mr. Saito turned over on his rotary chair. Akin awaited an instant, so as to make sure that he was finished, before starting to collect the items on the desk and putting them on the backpack provided. Once he was about to pick up the photo of the girl however, he stopped. He though for a second and said:

- Sir, if I am to assassinate a person important, wouldn't it be better if I were to bring another person for backup... To prevent ... eventualities.

Without turning around, the man answered.

- …Your superior will be the one accompanying you.

And after a light giggle he added:

- I will be awaiting for the good news…

Akin wasn't surprised, by the presence of Ahoy might complicate thing for him in the long run. He'd have to find a way to deal with her at some point. And if possible he'd have preferred it if he was able to bring Suho along with him.
The Black Rose's assassins were put together in groups under the supervision of a single superior. Suho, was part of the same group as Akin's, and she was the one single person that Akin held some affection for. He'd known her since they were children, and they've been together ever since. He could still remember their meetings to this day.

Akin was a kid. He didn't understand his life. He was cold and hated pretty much everyone he came into contact with. He just limited himself to train and do what he was told, even if he didn't understand why. He was doing pushups, like any other day, when Ahoy irrupted in his room, much like she had done it today. With her was a little girl which she was strongly grabbing be the arm. She forcefully threw her towards Akin and she fell over when Akin stepped aside in order to avoid her. He quickly glanced at her. She was crying and covered in dirt. She'd probably just been brought here, he though, she'll get come over it soon enough.

Ahoy spat on the floor, annoyed by the kid's tantrum.

- That's your partner. You know the drill, I got more important things to do.

And just as she came she left locking the door behind her.
Just then, the girl stood up and attempted to escape through the window, only to discover that it had been firmly condemned. She frantically ran across the room looking for some other place by which to leave under Akin's gaze. He however quickly lost interest and told her in a disinterested voice:

- Not that I care, but even if you were to escape from here, you'd end up dead.

After hearing this the girl left herself fall on the floor, still crying while Akin got back to his push ups.

Days went past in such manner; Akin training and Suho staring at him from a corner of the room, hugging her knees and crying what tears she had left; until one day, she started to imitate him, and they trained together in silence. Of course, at first, it was impossible for the frail little girl to follow Akin's rhythm, who had been doing the same thing for over a year; but she pushed herself as much as she could. Akin couldn't understand her attitude. He though he couldn't care for her, but it somehow annoyed him to see her fail so miserably while trying to copy him. In the end, he started giving her pointers, and helping her in some ways. At least, he was being useful to someone, he felt.

One night however, Suho tried to escape again. She almost succeeded, but she ended being captured by some of the older assassins. Drunk, they attempted to 'have fun' with their prey. Akin, feeling that something was wrong, as Suho hadn't been brought back yet, promptly rushed to her rescue. He managed to hurt one of them, but he ended up defeated as well.
That night, the little Akin raged for the first time in his life. He cursed the Rose for what he and her partner had to go through, and swore to her that he'd have his revenge.
After that event, the both of them started training much more seriously. As individuals, and as a team. And after many years of relentless training, they had become some of the best assassins in the organisation.

- ¡Akin! Akin, are you alright?

Akin sprung back to reality. He was seated on a bed inside his room, next to her.

- I though you'd fallen unconscious.
- N-No,…I'm alright - he answered - I just dozed off for a minute.

Akin glanced at his partner from the corner of his eyes. Suho had blue eyes and black hair. She might have looked 'pretty', but her whole body was covered in scars. But Akin didn't care. All he cared for was that she was the one person he had swore to never let any harm come to.
Suho stared at him, preoccupied, with her hand on his forehead. The room was illuminated by the reddish rays of the sunfall, going through the bars of the window. That same window gave a precious view over the sea, and you could always hear the sound of waves crashing over what must have been a nearby coast.
Akin cleared his throat before talking:

- Don't worry about me. This is nothing. I'll be fine. Just... keep training, and watch out for that idiot Ahoy.
He stood up, ha sat again on the window's border, marveling a the view like he did so often. He looked back at Suho. She was smiling at him. That smile thug a little bit on his heart. Suho had an habit of putting a smile on even in dire situations, so has to not worry him; he knew that. She stood up as well, and strongly hugged him.
- Good luck Akin. Be careful.

Akin hugged her back for a moment before breaking loose, collecting his things and walking towards the door. Before leaving, he looked at her one last time and said.

- Don't do anything stupid.



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Chapter 1 - High-school?

- Hey! Hurry up Ayumi! I don't want to end up late because of you!

Miho was walking as fast as she could, without allowing herself to just dash off in distance with the girl she had locked up in arms, forcing her to keep up that exhausting rhythm.

- For God's sake, Miho! It's only 7 o'clock! Since when do you worry so much about arriving to school on time?
- School? Time to wake up Ayu, we're going to see the new student. I asked Summer yesterday, and as expected of her, she seen his photo! Apparently he's SUPER HOT!
- Wh-WHAT?! I thought you'd take a break from boys… It's been only 2 days since Michael broke up with you and you're alrea-!
- Carpe diem Ayu, Carpe diem.
- ...You really chose what you want to learn from classes don't you?

They both started laughing as they arrived at the high-school gate. At this time of day, it should normally still be relatively empty, but a loud group of girls was there today, blocking the entrance.

- See?! – said Miho – The others are already here!
- Yeah, whatever. It's not like I care anyway. Because of your obsession with boys I lost the opportunity to eat Robert's croissants.
- Stop thinking with your stomach for a second! Come on! Let's get in there…


As if appearing from the ether, a luxurious white limousine parked right in front of the group of girls. Without waiting for the driver, who's job was to open the door for her, a girl suddenly jumped out of the car's back seat. Ameryn Alesha Galvis Van Dover was a 17 years old girl of Russian origin. With her petite stature, blonde hair and blue eyes, she was the cause for more than one torticollis, in both males and females alike. Once, outside the vehicle, she quickly checked to make sure that her custom made uniform remained impeccable, adjusted her sunglasses on the top of her head and scanned the area, searching for the deadly stare of her eternal rival.

- Ggh! Perfect, Humus is here... - whispered Suho to her friend.

Miho Soledad Preciosa de la Rosa Fuko, girl of Spanish and Japanese origin, 17 as well, brunette, eyes of the same colour and a body of those that had been forged through the sweat and blood spilled on the court, and yet somehow managed to remain elegantly feminine. She remain stiff as a plank when Ameryn came to stand up to her, right in her face.
- Don't even dream about taking this one away from me! – shouted Ameryn as her own form of greeting – This one is gonna be mine!
- Keep ‘on dreamin' lady! – immediately retorted Miho – You'll be losin' him to me too!
- Is that so? Well you'll be having some work to do. Check this out!

She stepped aside so that Miho could see Ameryn's usual legion of fans following their idol like a gang of little puppies. The thing was that Ameryn was pretty famous. She had come out victorious in one of those popular talent shows and had rapidly taken the country by storm. In a few years, she had made albums, starred in box-office movies y was earning more money than that which her local bank could afford itself to keep. On the other hand, Miho wad the captain of the high school's sports club. She always stood up in championships and tournaments in which she took place, and she had already amass a huge following amongst citizens who could already promise she's have a brilliant future as an athlete. If we took out the girls' extravagantly long names, the only thing the two of them had in common were their beauty and the fact they both competed to see which of them was the most popular amongst the male masses.

- Pleaaaase girls, don't start so early in the morning! – intervened Ayumi attempting to come in between the two before the hostilities could start.

Ayumi Marise, on her side, was reasonably tall girl, blonde with brown eyes. She was Miho's best friend, which often meant get mixed in the duo's quarrels, to serve as mediator between the two of them. She didn't have anything extremely special to set her apart from the other two, but despite being somewhat of a scatterbrain, she was a very smart girl, ranking third on the high-school's grades ranking. She was also the daughter of a very powerful businessman, which, alone was already enough reason for her to be know across the land. The three of them were often referred to as the “3 stereotypes”; being by far, the most famous trio of girls, not only in the Samuels institute, but also in the general vicinity. They also tended to become the centre of "scenes", which would culminate in a mass brawl and only disperse after the police (or at least some kind of authority) got involved.

Ameryn's fervent legion of fans started circling her, and the closest ones were already "discussing" which one of them would have the honour of asking for her autograph first... or straight up ask her hand in marriage. However, the interested was too occupied by her verbal scuffle with the rival to pay them any attention. All that noise attracted the attention of the group of girls who joined the crowd, forgetting for a moment the primary reason of their being here in the first place.
Ayumi was too used to this kind of scenes to give it any more attention than it should, so she forced her way out of the crowd, still longing for the banquet of croissants that Robert, the family’s butler had promised her for this morning and she had unfortunately missed.

Little by little, the rest of the students arrived at the scene and, because they were unable to proceed any further, ended up joining the party that was already starting to block the road. Another limousine arrived and had no choice but to park on the last tidbit of space available, since the driver couldn't take the risk to run over someone.

The driver in question was a man in his left 50s wearing a butler uniform. That man was Robert Darcheville, the Marise family's head butler. After making sure the vehicle was decently parked, he made his way up the street and tapped on the window of the first limousine, which still hadn't been able to leave the street.

If the battles between Miho and Ameryn were something habitual in the city, they still had nothing on the fights between Robert and Hagget, Ameryn's manager and caretaker. Despite the both of them being adults, they bickered in public like little children every time they saw each other and had developed some kind of strange rivalry. The level of hate they shared was such that the local authorities had had to intervene in more than one occasion...

Back at the second limousine, a girl had been bracing herself for the chaos that awaited her outside her car. Ayumi's little sister; Sarah Marise, stood a good 10 centimetres above her little sister. The family resemblance between the two was uncanny that many would have difficulties telling them apart if it wasn't for her height and the 'little' sister's short hair. Unlike her sibling however, she dressed quite roughly and didn't behave quite as lady like as someone of her standing should. Perhaps this was due to her often having to be the one putting a final stop on the Miho-Ameryn wars.

Sarah got off the back seat of her limousine, located her sister and quickly threw a bag full of croissant she had brought from home with an half-assed greeting.

- Miho and Ameryn? – she asked in the middle of a yawn. – It’d be great if we could have a single day without having the two of them bickering about something.

Ayumi simply nodded since her mouth was already full. She forced herself to gulp down the pastry so she could talk.

- Well… I'm gonna wait inside okay? I’ll see you later.

Sarah sat down on a nearby bench so she could comfortably admire the spectacle that was going on, while her sister forced her way towards the school yard. She grabbed another croissant from the bag, drank a little water from the fountain and was about to enter the building, but she crashed against another person she had failed to notice.

The shock of the moment made her let out a little cry which, in turn, made her spill all the water and food still in her mouth on the shirt of her uniform. The girl immediately tried to stand up and apologize, but in her rush, she tripped on her own feet and face-planted in front of him.

- Do you know where I can find the dean?
- ... Eh? - grunted Ayumi while holding her nose.
- Miss .. Samuels? The dean?
- M-Mi … mimimi-
- … Are you sick?

The high-school’s bell rang and ms. Samuels, the dean, appeared out of nowhere, with a megaphone in her hand. She turned it on and shouted, for all to hear.


The students dutifully spread out, and even the butlers and to run in fear of the dean’s killer stare. Ayumi sprang back up as if she’s been whipped in the rear, fleeing from the stranger. She arrived last in her classroom. She reached her usual spot besides Miho and hid her red face behind her math book, as if crossing anyone could result in a fatal fate for her.

- Gee lady, what bit you today? – asked Miho.
But Ayumi didn’t answer.
- Good morning kids!

The voice of mr. Howser resounded throughout the classroom. He was their math teacher, and was the one in charge of class 9ºC. He waited for all the students to sit down before walking towards his own seat.

- Here, I have the results from last Friday’s exam. They’re not stellar to be frank. Only two of you lot managed to pass it…
He was interrupted by the students, who were already certain of the answer.
- Ayumi and Akane!
- Well you shouldn’t be proud of it! – retorted the teacher incapable of hiding a smile on his face.

They knocked at the classroom door, and someone came in without awaiting for a proper answer. Ayumi let out a little screech as she recognized the person who witnessed what must have now become the second most embarrassing event of her entire life. As the girls giggled and praised the new individual’s handsomeness, the guys couldn't help but loudly complain about that pedant ‘Adonis in pants’.

- That’s enough kids! – intervened the teacher, trying to calm the masses – That’s right, I almost forgot. You must be the new student, correct? That is… what was your name again?
- Akin, sir. Haskahi.

The teacher grabbed a marker from his desk and started to copy the nefarious math problem on the board, as if making it a reminder of his students failings.

- Well Akin, I have heard from the dean, that you were an excellent student. Would you mind showing me if you’re capable of solving this little problem on the board?

Akin scratched his head for a few second, as if to make sure to he was seriously asking him. Resigned, he grabbed the marker from the teacher’s hands and solved the problem in a flash, making the marker screech it danced against the board and leaving the entire classroom in awe.

- I-impressive Akin! – said the math teacher, surprised – You solved it fast and easy. You might even be better than Akane!

The one called Akane broke her pencil in her fist, as if they had greatly hurt her self-esteem.

- Well, well Akin. Look, you can take a seat over there… behind Miho.

Akin let the marker fall on the teacher’s desk, and lazily strolled towards his appointed seat, leaving whispers floating on his path. Miho flashed a ‘V’ sign towards Ameryn, and the later, miserably failed to pretend to ignore her. On her side, Ayumi was trying to hide behind her long blonde hair, waiting for Akin to pass her by.

- Okay, seriously, what’s wrong with you? – asked Miho to her friend in a mocking tone.
- … I hate croissants! That’s what’s wrong with me! – answered Ayumi, leaving her friend even more perplexed.

. . .

An hour went by, putting an end to the maths class and giving way to PE. The teacher was still sick however, and the students were given an hour of self-study, during which they could do pretty much whatever they felt like. After much debate, it was decided that the students would play a match of volleyball.
Akin was seated on a bench in the stands, away from his pears.

- This is… ridiculous.

It had been a direct order from his superior Ahoy, so he didn't have much of a choice, but he still couldn't manage to understand the logic behind her actions. What was the point of forcing him to attend school? For a an entire week at that!

- It’s just so that you can get used to observe your prey’s movements. It will be easier that kill her that way later on.
- I get that part – Akin answered – But what’s the point of having me play a student!?
- Bah! Don’t argue with my orders brat! It’s more interesting that way isn't it? You've never been to school anyway, so now can see what it’s all about!
- And who’s to blame for that? – he said, determined to show that none of Ahoy’s jokes had any effect on him.

Furthermore, all he really needed to know, he had leaned with the different books he had managed to find back at the HQ.

In any case, as long as he was force to attend regular classes, he wouldn't be able to escape Ahoy’s surveillance. The only thing he could do was patiently analyse the situation and use the week he had to formulate his attack plan. And he had already started.
Akin grabbed his bag, and brought out a file from it. He had just stolen it from the dean’s office. One second of carelessness was all took. The rest was but too easy… The file was an enormous dossier containing personal information regarding the Samuels High School’s students. He opened it on the ‘M’ section and scanned through it until he found the name “Ayumi Marise”… Strange. It wasn't the he had been given, but the photo of the girl matched the one he had been shown perfectly. There was no room for error…

- Hum… Akin?

Akin rose his head when he heard his name being called out. One of his classmates was standing right in front of him, staring at him.

- Wow. You’re the nerdy type, aren't you?
- …

Akin tried to open his mouth so as to ask what it was that she wanted from him, … but for some reason, he was incapable of letting any sound out of his mouth. It’s not that he was incapable of socializing, but the first person he had tried to communicate with ran away from him while making incoherent noises. Maybe he had done something wrong…

- Hello?
- Heihn...?

Great. Now he was the one letting out incoherent noises.

- Look, my name’s Ameryn. You can call me Amy. – She said extending her hand – Nice to meet you.
- …huh.

Akin quickly put the dossier away in his bag-pack and shook her after making sure that doing so did not involve any danger. Ameryn tried to sit on his side but Akin sprung back up as soon as she did. Not in a million years would he sit so close to someone he didn't even know yet.

- What do you want?
- W-Well, I'm not a big fan of volleyball so I thought I’d take the opportunity to break the ice. You know, being the new kid and all that.
- …Volleyball?

Ameryn pointed towards the rest of her classmates, furiously playing a few meters away from them.

- But, what are they doing? – he asked, wondering what could drive them to strike that while shouting like animals.
- Huh… play volleyball?... Wait! You don’t know what volleyball is? Where have you been hiding? Under a rock?
- …Not… exactly?

All of a sudden, the ball that, until a few moments ago, was happily bouncing on the court, came crashing directly on Ameryn’s stomach, completely suffocating her.

- Ah… Sorry Ameryn. It slipped up.
- O-OH MY F***ING GOD MIHO! Are you crazy!? You trying to make me infertile or something!?
- Don’t worry Humus, stuff like you grows fast and everywhere.
Ameryn stood up from the bench however she could and grabbed Akin’s arm.
- Akin! I'm not feeling well. Could you take me to the infirmary? Please?
- Wh-Who? Me? – he asked, on edge.
- Leave him alone Ameryn, he just arrived today, how is he supposed to know where the place is?
- But -!
- Oh, enough excuses miss. John! You’re the class rep, take her to the infirmary!
- Hmm…? Oh yeah! You’re right!

The class representative ran towards Ameryn, swooped her off her feet and left the gymnasium with the girl in his arms, leaving behind the trail of the singer’s powerful shouts.

- Miho! You went too far this time!
- Oh, shut up Michael. …She’ll be fine. Hey Akin!
Akin got back down to Earth once he heard his name being called out.
- Why don’t you come down and play with us?
- …No – he started.

But before he could decline the offer, the rest of his classmates grabbed by the arms. Taken under such a surprise attack, Akin only let himself be taken away towards the volleyball court, on the same side as Miho’s team. Ayumi, who was also on the same team, felt her face once again getting hotter and dashed away towards the stands.

- Something wrong Ayumi? – asked Michael.
- No no no! It’s NOTHING! I'm just… TIRED. Yeah… let him replace me.

The game started anew, and Akin had no other choice but to participate, still questioning the legitimacy of the situation he had been put in.

A player from the opposite team made the first serve, and the ball went flying towards Akin. Due to to his incredible reflexes more than anything else, Akin made an impressive jump, turned on his head, and kicked the ball with all the power of his mighty legs. The force of the impact was such, that not only did it left a huge mark on the ball, but it itself ended up crashing against the sprinkler switch, usually located far from student reach.

The “rain” that fall over the entire school forced teachers and students alike to abandon the building, putting an end to Akin’s first day at school.

- Oh girl! What a day! – said Ayumi talking to her best friend, as they left high school grounds completely drenched. – At least it’s still a bit warm for a September day.

Miho let out a giggle.

- What’s so funny?
- Oh, nothing. I was just thinking that this year might turn out to be fun after all.


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