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Currently Airing VS Completed!

Post by MonjaElisa on Mon Jun 01, 2015 5:37 pm

let the battle begin! people will have different meaning about this for sure... there are beneficial ways in watching them both ways... pros and cons for them both.. first of all, a currently airing anime may keep you in suspense wondering about what's going on or what will happen in a month if not a week.. maybe even more depending on the show as there have been animes and mangas that only come out per year!

The advantage between watching currently airing is, it gives you time to watch more shows.. wether currently airing or not... however if you fall back, depending on how many shows you watch. you can fall back pretty hard... been there not a fun feel... lol

While if you have it already completed, sure you can watch it all in onego, but the same kind of suspense isnt really you are able to flip over right away... it is time consuming.... but least you can finish the shows right? So give your opinions on this my fellow otakus!


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