Point & Click Adventures VS Visual Novels

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Point & Click Adventures VS Visual Novels Empty Point & Click Adventures VS Visual Novels

Post by Bryan Dacote on Wed May 20, 2015 1:31 am

Just as the titles says: Point and Clicks [Adventures] VS Visual Novels.

While I've been playing the Sam and Max series I've been thinking how basically similar Point and Click adventure games (P&C for short) (which are more popularly made in the West) are to Visual Novels (mostly made in Japan)

Now let's go with their similarities:
1. Both are heavily story based. Usually pretty good stories from my experience.

2. Usually have voice acting. (P&C's starting to have voice work before most other game genres in the US)

3. Very little requirements for controls. Usually the mouse and maybe a few buttons on the keyboard. If on a console or handheld its usually down to the Dpad/control stick/circle pad/touch screen and maybe like 3 buttons.

Now for the differences:
1. P&C usually don't use text very much. Visual Novels are heavy in text (hence the name)

2. Visual Novels are more known for crossing the 18+ line. (AKA: H-games)

3. P&C were mostly in the 90's aimed at kids or education. However some newer games are focusing on more teen or mature (not sexual) themes. (looking at Walking Dead, BTTF, and Sam & Max by Telltale Games and the Sherlock Holmes games by Frogware)

4. P&C have mostly evolved to using 3D models now where Visual Novels are still using still or animated images.

5. Point and Clicks usually are shorter. Can take only a few hours to beat.

Now; I prefer my Point and Clicks. Grew up on em. I prefer the humor usually associated with them. Gameplay isn't hard so anyone can play em without difficulty. Don't take long to beat. Also they are just more popular for English-speaking/reading players.

So which do you prefer and why?

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Point & Click Adventures VS Visual Novels Empty Re: Point & Click Adventures VS Visual Novels

Post by gwidhw on Thu May 21, 2015 12:32 am

I honestly prefer visual novels over point and clicks, because with a point and click game, I don't feel as though i'm engaged as much as I could be if I were playing, say, a non-point and click game. I don't get that feeling with visual novels, because I know that what I'm getting into is story driven, and as if I were reading a book, but has visuals, audio, and character sprites to go with it.

I have played many a point and click in my day, as well as visual novels, so i feel justified in saying that I'd take a visual novel over a point and click any day.

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