Favourite Pokemon Type

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Re: Favourite Pokemon Type

Post by Takumi of the Wind on Sun Apr 26, 2015 11:37 am

Manga_bird wrote:
Colress wrote:In regards of eeveelutions I have to agree they are quite awesome, my personal favorites are umbreon and espeon along with jolteon,

It will be rather interesting if they make a dragon type eevee not sure how that might look.
Hopefully they can make it look not like a mutant wyvern though.

As for gardevoir
Yeah somewhat although in a way it does reinforce a positive mindset really when you get down to it with gender standards.

It is odd though from purely a gaming perspective perhaps, if you consider then that a male kirlia can evolve into a gallade rather then a gardevoir.

I do like how gardevoir's name implies its protectiveness of its trainer. Going by the French meaning in the words of the name,

I had no idea the male Kirlia could evolve into something else! Surprised

You have to give it a Dawn Stone as a male Kirlia.

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Re: Favourite Pokemon Type

Post by Guest on Sun Apr 26, 2015 12:27 pm

Gallade and Gardevoir are some of the coolest pokemon ever.


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