Just wanted to shared this with you all.

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Just wanted to shared this with you all. Empty Just wanted to shared this with you all.

Post by AxeDroid on Sun Apr 19, 2015 12:57 pm

This is something that I did a couple of years ago and I thought "why not share it on here".


For ages trouble has stirred up the land of Hyrule and with it brought the coming of a hero to stand against it but even though this hero always came through, times began to change. As each time that evil stuck the land, things began to add up and soon a plan was created to rid the land from this evil that kept returning. A council was created which comprised of leaders from different races which all stood firmed against one; The Gerudo. Under the cover of night, an order was passed and with it came the end of the Gerudo race. News immediately broke out across the land of this heinous act and people began to question the motive of the king of Hyrule.
The king got in front of the people of Hyrule and began to speak:

“What I did was for the better good of our land. In time, you shall see that my actions were in your best interests and that once and for all evil shall not reign no more in our land. With the end of the Gerudo, I promise that peace will flourish the land and evil shall be more than a distance memory”

The Hylians began to cheer and praise the king for such an act and soon the ripple effect began to take hold as the peace that the king promised began to show itself. The Era of Light soon began in the land of Hyrule and for the first time in the history of Hyrule, evil did not show its face...for now.

                                                       /\ /\

Time kept moving on, for even though the Gerudo were now a child’s story and a long forgotten memory, the balance between good and evil began to shift and soon a hero was to be born again but this time he would not be alone. 100 years after the genocide of the Gerudo, no mention or trace of their existence is left on the land. The Era of Light continues on and no one is aware of the birth of twin boys and the reappearance of evil.

On the day that these two children of destiny where born, a great darkness erupted far away in the deserts where the Gerudo used to thrive. From the ashes of those who fell on the day of fire, something rose from it and began to walk towards the kingdom. No one knew of its existence till the day that it would appear before the children of destiny but that would take many more years for that day to come.

The children soon grow up in the years that followed, being raised by their father to be the next in line to defend and protect the land of Hyrule. They were at a young age taught the way of the sword and because of it, knew how to defend what they thought was right. Now the time has come for these two to start their journey and to face their first enemy who lurks in the shadow waiting for them. The story of Link and Knil is underway and their destinies are about to start.

Chapter 1. The Day of Rebirth Begins

“My lord! Tomorrow marks 100 years since the day of fire, Are you not worried of his return and the destruction that could come from it?”

“Haha! Seems like you have been reading too many children’s books have we now? It would be best to take a rest from such fairy tales and focus on tomorrow’s celebration, for you have an important task to complete by day’s end. Remember that I am counting on you to introduce the next line of knights and protectors of Hyrule and it’s people.”

“Yes my lord, I have not forgotten about it and I am grateful for your consideration but still I worry for if such tales are true then tomorrow could be a grim day for all of us…”

“Put your mind as rest for I faith in my knights and especially in one particular knight, you.”

“I am not worthy of such praise and-”

“Nonsense! Now take your leave and rest up for tomorrow will be a glorious day.”

“Yes my lord, as you command.”

“Oh! That reminds me, tomorrow your sons will be starting their first day of training. See to it that they get the best training possible, I have a feeling that your sons will make fine knights one day like their father.”
                                                         /\ /\

The sound of a horn erupts throughout the small house made of wood as 2 children soon wake up from it. “Wake up! Time for you two to do your chores, I am not telling you twice, now get moving!”, said the father. The two boys rush to their feet and head out the room, all ready to start the day. The father turn to them and smiles as he said, “Boys! What the best way to start the day?”

“With a sword in one hand and a shield in the other!”, the two boys yell out in unison.

“Good, now show me what you got”, said the father as he lunged forth with a slash that could cut a man in half. The two boys easily dodge such an attack even though they are but ten year old children. They quickly gain their father’s backside as they both deliver a slash of their own to the back of his legs. Soon the father drops down to his knees and as he turns around to counterattack, the one with the shield in his right hand stops his arc moment and give his brother enough time to go in for the kill.

His father with a smile on his face is quickly brought down on his back, as wooden sword clobbers him on the head. The two boys stand before their fallen father as they wait for his retaliation as usual but to their surprises, he stand back up and said, “You little rascals, where do you get the nerve to leave an opponent to stand back up?”. He quickly catches the boys off guard and knocks their weapons from their hands. The two are then thrown to the ground by a swipe from his shield as their father is now the one to stand in front of them.

“You did good boys but you two are still leagues away from taking me down”

The boys reach for their weapons as they prepare for the second round. The father begins to grin at them which only makes them even more determine to see that grin fade from his face. They both begin to run towards him as the one with the lone wooden sword takes a long slash at his father’s face. The other right behind him brother waits for his opportunity as his father easily counters the slash with his shield.

“You are going to have to do better if you wish to defeat me”, the father said as prepared to take down his son but quickly notices that the other one has gone out of his sight. He then turn to his right as a shield hit him in the face. The father now furious said, “Oh! You two are going to get it now”. He turns to them with his sword ready and just when he is about to make contact, a knock interrupts his attack as they all turn to see a man by the door, smiling back at them.

“Hi!”, said the man at the door as he kept waving at them while peering inside the house. They all dropped their weapons and wave back at the man. The man was wearing the emblem of the knights of Hyrule and had with him an important delivery for someone. He soon took out a piece of paper and began to read it.

“I am looking for Link and Knil, do they live here?”, said the man.

“Yes, these two right here are who you are looking for. May I ask what this is about?”

“I am here to present them with this”, said the man as he pulled out two invitations from his bag. He then handed them over to the two boys who were breathing quite heavily. “My word, seems like these two are just about ready to pass out”, said the man. “What? These two are just getting their second wind, am I right boys!”, yelled the father as he stared at the two boys.

The two boys nodded and began to open the invitations. The invitations were to today’s ceremony for the next line of knight for Hyrule. The father knew right away from who they were sent from and turned to the man. “I assume that the king sent them, am I right”, said the father.

“Yes, he told me to give the two invitations as soon as possible and said that it was important for them to be here”, replied the man.

“Please be sure to tell the king my thanks for inviting my boys to the ceremony”

“I will be sure to let him know that as soon as possible”, the man said as he smiled at the father. “Now boys, do not be late for the ceremony or else you will missed the big opening”, said the man grinning at the two boys while petting their heads. The two boys quickly notice something odd about the man and moved behind their father. The father looked confused about his boys’’s actions and said “They are just shy at meeting new people, please take no disrespect from their behavior”.

“It is not problem at all, I am sure that I will not be a stranger to them in the future. I best take my leave now, I do not want to keep the king waiting on your message”, said the man as he walked away.

“Tell the nice man your thanks for delivering the invitations now boys?”, said the father as he gave them a stern look.

“Thank you for the invitations” said Link and Knil to the man as they rushed out before he could get on his horse.

“Oh, no thanks are needed from you boys, I am happy to be of service...goodbye.”, the man replied as his eyes suddenly changed color. The boys soon felt this eerie stare and could feel that something was not right. The man’s horse ran from the site before the boys could get a second glimpse. They stood there for a minute before getting hit on the head by their father.

“What are you two waiting for? Hurry up and get ready. The ceremony is going to start soon and I do not want to embarrass the king”, said the father to the boys as they got back in the house. The boys quickly got back to their room and hurried to look their best with swords in hand. Their father waiting by the door quickly notice the swords and began to laugh at his children.

“I do not think that you will be needing those swords.”, said the father to the boys as they waited outside the house.

“We are just being prepare for anything”, said Link to his father.

“Prepare for what”, said the father.

“Prepare for evil to show his face”, said Knil as his father walked in front of them.

“I really have to stop telling you those stories, I think that they are filling your heads with nonsense. When we get back, you two still owe a rematch so do not get too tired”, said the father as the three of them headed towards Hyrule Castle.

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Just wanted to shared this with you all. Empty Re: Just wanted to shared this with you all.

Post by Bryan Dacote on Sat May 02, 2015 4:07 pm

This is a fan-fiction story which is a written work so its being moved to the "Written Works and Art" category.

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